Simply the best dealership management tool.

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The essential dealership management tool

Powerful dashboards, custom workflows, system notifications, and easy-to-use reporting make
DealerFenix the must-have for any dealer's toolbox.


Automatically tracks vehicles in recon, no more forgetting about a vehicle


Easy to use and powerful. DealerFenix is simply the best dealership reporting tool on the market. Powerful, visual dashboards that allow you to keep an eye on all departments. Easily share reports with all managers.

Designed by individuals who understand the car business, we make it easy to connect the dots.

Built on over 20 years of passion for the dealership business

Praveen Tamvada


My first job, out of college, was working at a dealership. I then spent 20 years leading the development and direction for an up- and-coming DMS.

DealerFenix is the next chapter in my life, as I work with forward- thinking dealers to innovate the retail car business.